Group of companies "Yes" has horizontally integrated structure.

We are an innovative team of professionals moving up over time, Conquering new heights.

The mission of the company:

Raise agriculture in Ukraine at the global level, increase social responsibility in the country.

We believe that you can live and work on the land in harmony with their conscience, the home and the world.

Our values:


Respect and trust are our top priorities in dealing with people. We are committed to the well-being of our employees, landlords and local communities. We seek fairness in relations with the people and government partners. We are open to dialogue, to new ideas and suggestions. We provide timely fulfillment of obligations to all our partners.


We are in favor of high standards in work. We believe that the future for professionals and strive to be the best.

Development and improvement.

We believe that life is a long way and we do our best that every next step was more confident than the last and each such step we become more effective and stronger, more experienced and then wiser.

Sincerely, group of companies "TAK"